The company farms approximately 2225 Ha of cereals and oilseeds in Moray and near Inverness.  Principal crops on the arable farms are spring barley for malting, wheat and oilseed rape.  A small herd of pedigree shorthorn cattle are kept at Darnaway providing high quality beef.

About 400 Ha of the land near Inverness is farmed organically for cereals and organic vegetables, mainly carrots, which are grown by a local grower and processor.

The company also farms 1600 Ha at Doune where the principal activity is a breeding flock of 4000 ewes.

In recent years the company has taken considerable steps to enhance the farming landscape and increase biodiversity on our farms. This has involved the creation of new hedgerows, the protection of some seventeen kilometres of water margins, the creation of new wetlands and the annual retention of unharvested crops for wild birds.  In addition the company actively manages wetlands and grassland for birds. Most of this is done with the support of agri-environment schemes although in the past three years significant landscape and amenity tree planting has been carried out without support.