The company manages, on behalf of the Moray family, some 4050 Ha of commercial forestry. The woodlands are spread across all the estates and are an important part of the landscape and setting of the Estates.

Most of the woodlands are coniferous being mainly Scots Pine, Sitka Spruce and Douglas Fir. These are grown for the construction, fencing and board markets. The logs are mainly processed in Nairn, Dalcross, Mosstodloch and Falkirk. Although the majority of the woodlands are coniferous, there is a significant part of Darnaway Forest in Moray which is largely Oak and Beech. Darnaway Forest, which is the single largest area of woodland on the estates, has been actively managed for timber production for 250 years which helps to explain its varied age structure, attractive appearance and biodiversity. Part of Darnaway has been forest for at least a thousand years and was formerly a royal hunting forest. The oldest tree in the forest is estimated to be approximately 750 years old.  

All the woodlands are certified under the UK Woodland Assurance Scheme to ensure sustainable management.  Parts of the woodlands are SSSIs and approximately 1700 ha of Darnaway forest is a Special Protection area for Capercailzie emphasising the important balance between commercial production and habitat management.