The Estate manages approximately 4,050Ha of commercial and amenity forestry some of which is on behalf of the Moray family. All the woodlands are certified under the UK Woodland Assurance Scheme to ensure sustainable long term management.

The majority of the woodlands are productive conifer woodlands dominated by Scots Pine in the drier Moray Firth and Sitka Spruce at Doune. The output from these woodlands is milled or processed locally into construction timber board and fencing materials.

The largest forest, Darnaway, is an ancient forest which originated as a royal hunting forest. It was expanded significantly in the 18th century  though the oldest tree in the forest is in excess of 750 years old.

Darnaway Forest includes SSSIs and is a Special Protection Area for Capercailzie. As well as its importance to the landscape it contains a wealth of biodiversity and is managed to balance both commercial and long term environmental objectives.

All the estate’s woodlands have extensive footpaths and access routes which are used by local residents and visitors. We host a range of events every year from small local activities through to things like the World Orienteering Championships in 2015.