Moray Estates are the estates and properties of the Earl of Moray and his family. The Moray family have owned and managed the estates since 1562.  The Estates are a family business with the Earl of Moray and his family living on, and leading the management of, the Estates to this day.

The Estates are geographically spread out but are mainly in the Inner Moray Firth from Inverness to Elgin and in south west Perthshire near Stirling.  The Estates consist of a diverse range of properties from castles to cottages, farms to forests and increasingly commercial, renewable and development interests.

Our commitment to the future

The Moray family passionately believe that the best way to protect and enhance the natural, economic and social environments of the Estates is through the encouragement of economic activity on the Estates.  If properties have a sustainable commercial use then they are more likely to be well looked after and of benefit to the local community, particularly in providing local employment.

The Moray family continue to invest heavily in the future success of their Estates in both the existing fabric of the Estate and in new ventures such as development projects and renewable energy.  This forms a clear part of the family’s commitment to the future of Moray Estates.