We are undertaking a public scoping process as we review the Doune Estate Long-Term Forest Plan, (part of Moray Estates).

The aim of this scoping process is for information to be gathered relating to both potential opportunities and potential issues so that they can be identified and considered in the final version of the Forest Plan which is then submitted for Scottish Forestry’s approval.

A short presentation and relevant maps can be downloaded here:

Doune Estate LTFP Scoping Doune.pdf

Pre Scoping Opp Constraints Map.pdf

Pre-Scoping Felling Phase Map.pdf

Pre-Scoping Restocking Phase Map.pdf

This describes the current woodland and the woodland management activities that we undertake. The maps show what we propose to fell and replanting during the 20yrs period of the Forest Plan.

We are looking to complete the public scoping process by Friday 11th November 2022

If you would like to comment on the forest plans and add information that may help us identify opportunities or constraints, please email: stuart.farrant@morayestates.co.uk