Thank you for visiting our website and viewing our presentation on the upcoming forest plan for Aitnoch and Braemoray

Most forests & timber plantations in Scotland, be they publicly or privately owned, are managed under Scottish Forestry’s system of approved Long-term Forest Plans.

Forest Plans cover a +20yr period and are formally and publicly reviewed every 10yrs. During this process, the areas to be harvested (felled and/or thinned) are identified and the areas to be replanted (species and stocking regime) are also agreed upon and shared with statutory stakeholders (Community Council, Local Authority, Nature Scot, Historic Scotland, SEPA) as well as the immediate neighbours and other such as relevant NGOs like RSPB.

The aim of this scoping process is for information to be gathered relating to both potential opportunities and potential issues so that they can be identified and considered in the final version of the Forest Plan which is then submitted for Scottish Forestry’s approval.

If you would like to comment on the forest plans and add information that may help us identify opportunities or constraints, please email:

You can download details, which include maps, as a .pdf document here.