It has been a few years since the severe storms of 2011-2012 and subsequent storms of 2014 laid waste to much of the mature Norway spruce that used to encompass the houses in the Wood of Doune.  Since then birch, alder and Douglas replanted after windblow was cleared has begun to look like woodland again, providing habitat for wildlife, amenity for those out for a walk and a sustainable timber resource for the future.

The Wood of Doune is now a pretty diverse woodland with a varied mix of species at many stages of development.  In order to ensure that the woodland is a multifunctional resource for the community Moray Estates Forestry Manager is seeking the view of those who live close to and use or would like to use the Wood of Doune as a local resource.

We have plans for the forest operations that we would like to notify woodland users and neighbours of, but there may be other things that we have missed or are not aware of that we could incorporate into our plans.

Please click here to see our Pre Scoping Opportunities and Constraints Map

Please click here to see our Photo Tour of the Wood

Over the next 5 years we aim to undertake the following:

1. Surface a forest road to aid future timber harvesting operations

2. Thin the riparian woodland adjacent to the River Teith

3. 1st thin the Sitka spruce stands close to the Teith

4. Thin the mixed age/species stands on the western side of the woodland using ‘Continuous Cover’ methods

5. Establishing new stands of mixed conifer/broadleaved woodland

6. Maintaining mature roadside trees (Bridge of Teith and opposite Pistol Makers Row)

7. Control invasive species (Rhododendron and Grey Squirrel)

8. Improve recreational access with the woodland

9. Litter picking


If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the future management of the Wood of Doune please drop an email to Ben Clinch, Moray Estates Woodlands Manager ben.clinch@morayestates.co.uk