There was great excitement recently at Old Kilmadock Kirkyard at Doune Estate with the lifting of the “Ogham Stone” that was discovered there last year. The stone, which is believed to be inscribed with Ogham text, could be as old as the 6th Century AD. Ogham script is Early Medieval and is more commonly found in Ireland, so this discovery in Doune in certainly unusual and exciting. The stone has been taken away by stone conservators, with permission from Historic Environment Scotland, for preservation and to be studied. The final destination of the stone is currently unknown, with funds required to be raised, the extent of which may determine its final resting place. The main drivers in the discovery of the stone are the Rescuers of Old Kilmadock, a locally based volunteer group who have looked after the historic Kirkyard for a number of years, with assistance from Stirling Council’s Archaeologist and Moray Estates.