Doune Ponds enjoyed great weather on Easter Sunday for the now traditional Easter Egg Hunt. The event, organised by the Doune Community Woodland Group and sponsored by Moray Estates, as well as the Co-op and Tesco, drew unexpectedly large crowds with approximately 300 local children taking part. So much was the demand that Rory McLeod, the Estate Manager at Doune had to make an “emergency” trip to the Co-op in Doune to replenish supplies of eggs and to the office to print more clue sheets. In the end the event raised over £400 in donations that will go into the continued management of the Ponds.

Doune Ponds, a former sand and gravel quarry right in the centre of Doune, is now a Local Nature Reserve. It is managed through a Partnership Agreement between Moray Estates and the Doune Community Woodland Group, all of whom are volunteers.